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Real numbers
All numbers on the number line (all numbers on the GRE are real)
Rational numbers
All numbers that can be expressed as the ratio of 2 intergers
(all integers & fractions)
Irrational numbers
All real numbers that are not rational, both positive and negative
(ie pie, square root etc)
All numbers with no fractional or decimal parts (multiples of 1)
Communitive Law
- and + are both communative, it does not matter what order the operation is performed
Associative Law
- and + are also associative, terms can be regrouped without changing the result
Distributive law
Multiplication law that allows you to "distribute" a factor among the terms being added or subtracted
Complex Fractions
Fraction that contains one or more fractions in its numerator or denominator.
Solving complex fractions:
2 ways to solve:
1) Find the least common multiple (LCM) of all the denominators. Multiply all terms in top and bottom of the fraction by the LCD (this will eliminate all the denominators)

2) Treat the numerator and denominator seperately. Combine terms in each to get a single fraction on top and bottom. Then multiply one fraction by the reciprical of the other
Mixed numbers
Numbers consisting of an integer and a fraction (ie 3 1/4)
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