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What specialized training is received from class "C" school?
Advanced Training
T/F  Acedemic Review Boards (ARB) are conveined due to disciplinary reasons
What is the purpose of instructor evaluations?
To ensure instructors are using the most effective style to accomplish training.
T/F  "Quality of Life" is one of the 3 areas of the student critique program.
What is NOT a reason for a Acedemic Review Board (ARB)?
A students preformance is the lowest of the class average.
How many area's in the classroom is the instructor evaluated on?
How often are staff personnel required to have safety training?
Matc curriculum debelpoment revision process to correct phase:
  • __Plan
  • __Design
  • __Develop
  • __Analyze
  1. a.) TPP
  2. b.) CTTL
  3. c.)TCCD, Learning Objectives
  4. d.)Lesson Plans, Trainee Guides, Test & IMM
  • B
What is the basic learning style that prefers theory based, analytical approach to learning?
What is the 3 parts that make up a Learning Objective (L.O.)?
Standard Behavior Condition
What is the characteristic of a good oral question that uses words that the student knows and understands?
Level of instruction
What is the factor that must be considered in planning instruction delivery?
Rate of Speech
Which is included in a TPP
  •  Justification
  •  TCCD
  •  CIO
  •  Pilot Course
Where does on find NMCI core build requirements?
NMCI Core Build Document
What is a justifiable reason for develpoing, revising, or cancelling a course?
  1. Tasking by higher authority
  2. NTP's
  3. Internal/extrernal review
  4. Training appraisals
What are the rules for handling classified student notes?
Collected before graduation and not forwarded to recivcing command immediately.
Match items of course Training Task List to Function
  • __Job
  • __Duty
  • __Task
  1. a.) Major part of job, must be measurable a group of closley related tasks.
  2. b.)Major part of duty, must be mesurable short period of time.
  3. c.)Made up of duties & tasks
  4. d.)Primary tool for determining trainee attainment.
  • C
  • A
  • B
T/F The treminal Objective(T.O) relates to trainee behavior, while the course mission statement is descriptive of the course.
What is the type of preformance test used to measure skill achievement?
T/F the ultimate goal of instruction is for a student to remain motivated, beyond the instructors influence and able to apply what they learned to the job.
T/F The purpose of the Navys training system is to ensure a systematic approach for determining what to train and how best to accomplish that training.
T/F Instructional Media Materials (I.M.M.) are used to provide training for which formal schools have lack of equiptment , space, time, or instructors.
T/F Instruction Media Materials (I.M.M.) are used to fill gaps in training.
Match definitions of instructor responsibillites:
  • __Train Safely  
  • __To Student 
  • __For Security  
  1. a.)dont downplay, compormize or jepordize importance. 
  2. b.)Instruct &demonstart properly  
  3. c.) teach effectivly, set good examples &resolve conflicts that hinder training.
  4.   d.)Demonstarte impoper procedures so studen will reconize them.
  • C
  • A
What procedure is followed to inform a reciving command in which line items have been completed & signed?
A letter certifiying completion of approprate item, by number, shall be forwarded to the member's duty station, or by a PG13 entry.
What is the # of core stages used in the Personel Preformance Profile(PPP) based curriculum develpoment method?
What is the element of lesson plan that provides essential info both for managing & conduction the course?
Front Matter
Match Volumes of NAVETRA 130 to contents listed.
  • __VOL I
  • __VOL II
  • __VOL III
  1. a.)Sample Documents
  2. b.) step by step guidence for devlping effective traning materials
  3. c.) managment info important to planning analysis,desgn,develpoment, implementation &evaluation of curricula
  4. d.)Personal Preformance Profile (PPP)
  • B
  • A
  • C
Match VOL of NAVETRA 131 to title.
  • __Managers Guide
  • __Developers Guide
  • __Samples
  1. a.)VOL I
  2. b.)VOL II
  3. c.)VOL III
  4. d.)VOL IV
  • C
  • A
  • B
What is the document included in the TCCD that contains a list of all texts,references,equiptment,films,graphics,and support materials?
What type of preformance test is concerned about the final product?
Match TPS elemnts (output) to purpose:
  • __Training objective statement (TOS)
  • __Training level assignment(TLA)
  • __Table assingment matrix(TAM)
  • __Trainng chart path(TPC)
  1. a.)list specific PPD line items to be taught
  2. b.)summerize the training requirment for th PP tables listed on the TCP
  3. c.)describesskills & knoledge to be learned by individuals
  4. d.)graphically shows a complete traning path for a category of ppl by listing courses in the path
  • C
  • A
  • B
  • D
What are the 2 types of testing?
  1. Knowledge
  2. Preformance
A type of class that is "highrisk" course
small arms qualification
When are safety stand downs required?
List the 3 types of oral questions.
  1. Yes/No
  2. Leading
  3. Canvassing
What is the most essential, single link in the training chain?
The Instructor
SCORM promotes eLearning capabilities in what 4 areas?
  • Reusability
  • durability
  • accessibility
  • interopertability
What are the 5 concept types?
  1. Concepts
  2. Facts
  3. Procedures
  4. Processes
  5. Principles
What are the 2 ways to capture/share corporate knowledge?
  1. Storytelling
  2. Conduction Interviews
In quadran "I" of the HPSM, who must validate all individual unit & group job/tak requirements?
Metadata is frequently reffered to as "data about data" allowing it to be cataloged by what?
  • Content
  • Context
  • Structure
How many major elements make up a testing program?
Who determines when a Formal Course Review (FCR) should be conducted?
What sheet is not an instruction sheet?
Definition Sheet
What are the 5 ways of learning?
  1. Imitation
  2. Trial & Error
  3. Association
  4. Insight
  5. Transfer
What are the 4 barriers to effective communication?
  1. Lack of common core experience
  2. Overuse of abstractions
  3. Fear
  4. Enviromental factors
Match levels of JTA data to definition:
  • __Level I
  • __Level II
  1. a.)Describes when work completed
  2. b.)what work is being completed
  3. c.)how work is being preformed
  4. d.)who proforms work
  • B
  • C
________ is not a method of sequencing the course?
Match the Learning managment System Roles to definitions:
  • __Course Sup
  • __Student Control
  • __Self paced Facilitators
  1. a.)help learners make progress
  2. b.)help facilitatiors/learners make progress
  3. c.)First person to interact with learner
  • B
  • C
  • A
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