Cloned from: Blood and Heart

by dr

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Blood is a commective tissure why?
a living cell in a non living matrix
inactive in the blood and is soluble
in the blood helps with cuts active and insouble
Formed elements
WBC RBC platlets
Liquid plasma %
Formed elements %
Hematorcrit %
males 40-55 females 37-47
Buffy Coat
wbc and platelets (less than 1%)
Blood has a viscosity of about ____ to water
5x thicker
Why is blood Alkaline (base)
Helps buffer off blood PH balance 7.35-7.45
Blood makes up what % of our body weight
How many lieters of blood is there in a man/female
5 is male 4.5 in female
Why fewer blook n female
smaller and less blood vesseles
Hearts pumps about how many lieters per min
4.9 (5)
Systems most important funcions are:
Transportation of O2, CO2, Nutirients, wastes, hormones, and heat
Coponents of blook also functions in:
PH control, clotting, defence against infection, homeostasis of fluids and electrolytes
What do RBC lack
nucli and most organells
Rouleaux formation?
single line in the blood vesseles one by one
RBC out # WBC how many/
men and womens # of RBC in their body
men 5.1-5.8 million/ females 4.3-5.2 milliom/
total rbc in body
about 25 trillion
gives rbc their o2 carring ablility
O2 formes a very _____ bond with hemoglobin.
It ____ when o2 levels are high and ____ when O2 levels are low
Combins Releases
Hemoglobin is a ____ animo acid chain
474 with a 4 heme groups
Each Heme caries
one iron atom
each iron atoim
carries one o2
each rbc has how many hemoglobing?
250-280 million
each rbc is is ? micrometers in diameter
all formed elements of blook originate form?
Hematopoiesis from a stem cell called hemocytoblasts (parent cell)
the formation of RBC
rbc formation takes place where?
red marrow of skull, pelvis, ribs, and stermum and proximal ends of the humerus and femur
% of circulation reticuloctyes indicates rate of RBC production 1% is usual
Replace RBC per sec?
2-3 million RBC replaced every Sec
Life of a RBC
120 day and are phagocytosed int eh liver and spleem
hemoglobin is split apart
amino acid and iron and they are replaced
mose recycled hemoglobin are bilirubin of bile
witch is the pigment
Stimulus for increased erythropoieses is?
Hypoxia in kidney (less o2)
Hemoglobin, Fe, Vitimin b12, and flolic acid are?
critical for erythropoesis
rbc with a nucli
types of anemia
hemorrhagic hemolytic aplastic iron defficeny pernicious
bleading out internaly or externaly
breakdwon due to toxins, drugs, mixmatches
marrow malunction due to ratiation toxins ect
b12 or Intrincic factor problems
abnormal hemoglobin disorders
sickle cell anemia thalassemia polycythemia
thik and delicate rbc
too many rbc blood is too viscous
avrage number of WBc
4-11 thousand
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