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The rise of national conventions to nominate the president led to the empowerment of what group?
state party leaders
What did the framers mean to accomplish by the indirect election of the president?
to make the president responsible to state and national legislatures
The most common form of constitutional powers possessed by the president are __________ powers.
When the president infers powers from the “rights, duties and obligations” of the presidency, these are called
inherent powers.
The president’s position as head of state is defined in the Constitution by all of the following powers except
The power to declare war is given to whom under the Constitution?
both houses of Congress
The __________ asserted that the president could send American troops into action abroad only in the event of a declaration of war or other statutory authorization by Congress, or if American troops were attacked or directly endangered.
War Powers Resolution of 1973
In order to get around the need for Senate approval of treaties, many contemporary presidents have made use of __________ in foreign affairs.
executive agreements
The president has the power to appoint all of the following, with the approval of the Senate, except
the vice president.

Why is the president’s State of the Union address important?

It is an opportunity for the president to set the legislative agenda by initiating proposals and directing public attention to the executive’s goals.
What is required for Congress to override a presidential veto?
two-thirds of both houses of Congress
The president’s power to set the debate concerning public policy in Congress is called
a legislative initiative.
The __________ is the informal designation for the heads of the major federal government departments
The formal group of presidential foreign policy advisers, established in 1947, is called the
National Security Council.
The groups of advisers and analysts to the president are collectively called the
White House staff.
An informal group of advisers to the president is often called the
Kitchen Cabinet.
The Office of Management and Budget and the Council of Economic Advisers are both parts of
the Executive Office of the President.
What is the primary constitutional task of the vice president, besides succeeding the president in case of death, resignation, or incapacitation?
to cast tie-breaking votes in the Senate
After the president and the vice president, which office is next in the line of succession?
Speaker of the House
A president who claims to possess a mandate from the American electorate could arguably
claim that voters have approved the agenda he campaigned on, and that Congress ought to approve it
The term “invisible governor” refers to
the lack of media coverage for the governor
Two distinct powers the Governor has that the President does not are
line item veto and budget preparation
Which office manages elections in the state?
Secretary of State
Which elected executive was made elected in California by Proposition in 1988?
Insurance Commissioner
The more than 200,000 state employees are to a large degree are independent of politics.
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