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an act or threat causing another to be in fear of immediate battery
intentional harmful or offensive touching or use of force on a person without consent or legal justification
breach of confidentially
Failure to keep privleged medical information private
civil actions
legal actions in which the alleged injured party sues for monetary damages
Clinical and laboratory standards institute, formerly NcCLS
Center for medicare and medicaid services
education standards for phlebotomy programs
in a lawsuit, aperson or persons against whom the complaint is filed
delta check
comparison of current results of a lab test with previous results for the same test on the same patient
a process in which one party questions another under oath while a court reporter records every word
formal process in litigation that invollves taking depositions and interrogation parties involved
due care
the level of care that a person of ordinary intellicence and good sense would exercise under the given cirucumstance
deceitful practice or false portrayal of facts by either words or conduct
good laboratory practice
informed consent
implies voluntary and competent permission for a medical procedure, test or medication
Invasion of privacy
violation of one's right to be left alone
a type of negligence commited by a professional
failure to exercise due care
injured party in the litigation process
quality assurance
Quality improvement
quality control
quality system esstials
Quality indicators
guides uesed as monitors of all areas of patient care
respondeat superior
Latin phrase meaning "let the master respond" In other words, employers must answer for damages their employees cause within the scope of their practice
standard of care
the normal level of skill and care that a healthcare practictioner would be expected to practice to provide due care for patients
statute of limitations
a law setting the lenght of time after an alleged injury in which the injured person is permitted to file a  lawsuit
threshold values
the level of acceptable practice byond which quality patient care cannot assured.
a wrongful act, other than breach of contract, committed against ones person, property, reputation, or other legally protected right.
vicarious liability
liability imposed by law on one person for acts committed by another
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