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by rigel

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glycolysis imput/output
anaerobic, 2 atp in, 4 atp & 2 nadh out
krebs cycle
occurs in mitochondria, produces 8 nadh, 2 fadh2, 5 co2, 2 atp per mol pyruvate (but get 2 per glycolysis), requires o2
electron transport chain
occurs in mitochondria, requires H+ gradient, converts NADH and FADH2 from krebs to ATP
  • source
  • effects
  • produced by adrenal cortex
  • increases resorption of
Sarcomere thick/thin fibers, bands, etc
  • defined from z-line to z-line which connects the thin fibers of actin
  • H-band is the non-overlapping area of the thick myosin fiber
  • I-band surrounds the Z-line where the myosin thick fiber doesnt overlap
  • A-band corresponds to the myosin fiber itself
  • M-line or band connects thick myosin fibers together in the middle
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