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1st Degree Murnder
After deliberation with intent causes death of another
18-3-304 Violation of Custody
Without a court order, or in violation of a court order takes a child from legal guardian F5 Custody violation F4 if child taken out of country
Vehicular Manslaughter
Recklessly Causes Death
18-3-203 2nd Degree Assault
Intent to cause BI With deadly weapon Recklessly SBI w/deadly weapon Peace Officer drugging victim in custody in custody fluids
18-3-203 1st Degree Assault
SBI W/Intent to cause SBI Does cause SBI w/deadly weapon disfigure extreme indifference threaten peace officer, officer of the court, jail guard
18-3-204 3rd Degree Assault
Knowingly Recklessly Negligently causes BI
18-3-104 Manslaughter
Recklessly causing the death of another Intentionally aids or causes another to commit suicide Holly Shit is manslaughter
18-3-206 Menacing
By threat or physical action; Knowingly places or attempts to place victim in frear of imminent SBI
18-3-207 Criminal Extortion
With intent to induce another to do an act or refrain from a lawful act Makes a substantial treat to confine or restrain, cause economic hardship, bodily injury to, or damage the property or reputation of the treatenend person and threatens to cause the results by perfoming, or causing, an unlawful act, or invoking an act by a 3rd party
18-3-208 Reckless Endangerment
Recklessly creates a substantial risk of SBI to another
18-3-302 2nd Degree Kidnapping
Knowingly siezes & caries a person from one place to another; Takes, entices, or decoys a child w/intent to conceal from parent, sell, trade or barter for consideration
18-3-301 1st Degree Kidnapping
Intent to force the victim or any other person to make a concession or give up anything of value to secure the release of a person under actual or apparent control of the offender and, forcibly seizes and carries person from one place to another, or entices or persuades person to go from one place to another, or imprisons of forcibly secrates any person
18-3-303 False Imprisonment
Confine or detain without consent or legal authority M2 F5 if force, or threat of force is used to confine & detain or confinemtnet is longer than 12 hours
18-3-103 2nd Degree murder
Knowingly causing the death of another person (intentioal, but not after deliberation)
18-3-105 Criminal Negligent Homicide
Through a gross deviation from the standard of care that a reasonable person would exercise, he fails to perceive a substantiol and unjustifiable risk that a result will occur
18-3-106 Vehicular Homicide
Driving recklessly and causes the death of another DUI and causes death of another
18-3-205 Vehicular Assault
Recklessly DUI Causes SBI
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