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What are the three key goals when addressing security?
Confidentiality, Intergrity, Availability
Describe The Cisco Intruder Prevention System (IPS)
Listens to all traffic on the network to detect an attack. when matched against a signature, the IPS can automatically modify the firewall and acl settings to block the attacker
Describe the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA)
replacement to the PIX Firewall.  it is a firewall and can also support, antivirus, IPSec, Network admission contro, IPS and VPN technology
Describe the Cisco DDoS Guard
Detect the presence of a potential DDoS attack and block malicious traffic in real time while not affecting the flow of legitmate traffic
Describe the Anomaly Guard and Protector(Cisco Anomaly Guard)
Uses behaviour analysis to maintain a profile for normal traffic and detects any deviations from the normal traffic profile. sends alerts or interacts with DDoS guard to mitigate the attack
Describe The Cisco Secure Agent(CSA)
Software installed on endpoint systems. it defends against targeted attacks, spyware, rootkite and 0day attacks
Describe the Network Admission Control, formerly called Cisco Clean Access
Allows administrators to authenticate, authorize, evaluate and remediate wired and wireless users prior to allowing the users on the network.  it can quarantine and prevent non compliant end stations from accessing the network until they achieve security policy compliance
Describe the Security monitoring, analysis and response systems(MARS)
Provides security monitoring for security devices and host application. it offers event aggregation, device disconvery, compliance reporting and notifications
List The best practices for network security
Use SSH instead of telnet, configure access lists, use current IOS software, encrypt all pasword and disable any services not needed
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