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What manual covers army leadership and counseling?
FM 6-22
What is military leadership?
The ability to influence people to accomplish the mission and improve the organization.
What is tact?
A keen sense of what to say and do in order to maintain good relations with others and to avoid offense.
Describe discipline?
An attitude of an individual or group that promptly obeys orders or take appropriate action in the absence of orders.
Describe motivation?
The ability to make people do what you know must be done.
Describe supervision?
Controlling a situation and ensuring a task or mission is done properly.
What are the four indicators of good leadership?
Morale, discipline, esprit de cops and proficiency.
Define leadership?
Leadership is influencing people- by providing purpose, direction and motivation- while operating to accomplish the mission and improving the organization.
What are the three basic needs of professional, self-motivated soldiers?
Job security, promotion, approval of peers and superiors.
What are the two barriers of communication?
Physiological and physical
Who is responsible for teaching basic soldiering to troops?
How many basic human needs are there?
What are the basic human needs?
Physical, security, social, Spiritual.
What are the four elements of leadership?
The leader, the follower, the situation and communication.
Which human need is most important?
No human need is more important than another.
What is proficiency?
The technical, tactical and physical ability of a unit to accomplish a mission.
What are the five styles of leadership?
Directing, participating, delegating, transformational, and transactional.
What are the three levels of leadership?
They are direct, organizational, and strategic.
Give an example of direct leadership?
It is face to face, first line leadership where soldiers see their leaders all the time.
Give an example of organizational leadership?
It is primarily indirect leadership executed through staffs and subordinate commanders.
What is technical proficiency?
Knowing how to successfully perform and teach your job or mission.
What is tactical proficiency?
Knowing how to employ your equipment and personnel during a mission.
What is a principle?
A guideline for a person’s conduct or actions.
How many principles of army leadership are there?
Name the 11 principles?
Know yourself and seek self-improvement, Be technically and tactically proficient, Seek responsibility and take responsibility for your actions, Make sound and timely decisions, Know your soldiers and look out for there well being, Keep your subordinates informed, Develop a sense of responsibility for your subordinates, Ensure the task is understood, supervised, and accomplished, Build a team, Employ your unit in accordance with its capabilities
Does a commander have a open door policy?
What is a belief?
Something a person holds as being true, whether it a person, an idea, or a thing.
Describe the meaning of values?
An attitude about the relative worth or importance of people, jobs, ideas, or things.
What is the meaning of norms?
They are standards of behavior or laws shared by members of a group in order to live together.
What are the two categories of norms?
Formal and informal.
What is a formal norm?
A written or spoken law.
What are some examples of formal norms?
UCMJ, traffic laws, SOP’s.
What is the meaning of an informal norm?
A rule that isn’t written down or expressed, but usually followed by a group For, example never leaving a wounded buddy without aid.
Describe the meaning of ethics?
Ethics are principles or standards that guide professionals to do the moral or right thing.
What is the acronym for army values?
What FM covers army values?
FM 6-22
What are the army values?
Loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage.
What is military authority?
The legitimate power to direct subordinates or to take action.
What are attributes?
Attributes are a person’s fundamental qualities and characteristics.
What is command authority?
The power a person exercises over others as a result of grade or assignment.
What are the three attributes of an army leader?
Mental, physical, emotional.
Name some of mental attributes of an army leader?
They include will, self discipline, initiative, judgment, self confidence, intelligence, and culture awareness.
What is communication?
The exchange of information between two or more people.
What are the two parts of communication?
Sending and Receiving
What is it called when the receiver of communication returns information back to the sender?
What are the three important parts in the exchange of communications?
Message, content, and context.
What is the cause of most problems in leadership?
Which communication barrier is harder to overcome, Physical or psychological?
Describe some physical barriers of communication?
Noise, distance, attention distracters.
Describe the difference between a duty and a task?
Tasks are specific things done to accomplish the duty Duty is a general guideline of what is expected of soldiers.
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