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paralegal/legal assi.
a person qualified by education, training or work experience who is employed/retained by a lawyer;law office corp.performs specifically delegated substantice legal work 4 wich a lawyer is responsible
substantive law
laws that define, describe, regulate and create legal rights & obligations
Procedural law
methods of enforcing the rights establised by substantive law
formal recognition by a professional group or sate agency that an individual has met cetain standards of proficency specified by that group.must take exam
Freelance paralegal
operates own business and performs specified types of legal work for and under the supervision of attorneys
Legal technician/independent Paraleagal
offers services to the public 4 a free w/out attorney supervision
process of working a lawsuit through the court system
Litigation paralegeal
specialize in assisting attorneys inthe litigation process
corporate law
laws that govern the formation, financing, merger and acuqisition, termination of corporations as well as the rights and duties of those who own and run corporations
civil law
concerned w. the duties that exist between persons or citizens and their governments not crimes
Bankruptcy law
body of law that allows debtors to obtain relief from their debts. Fed Law & court
Estate planning
owner decides before death how property will be transferred to tohers
Procing validity of a will, value also
a legal arrangement in which the ownership of property is transferred to a 3rd person (trustee) to be used for the benifit of another (benificiary)
intellectual propery
products that result form intellectual creative processes. copyrights etc..
Self Regulation
regulation of conduct of a professional group by members of the group. involves the establishment of ethical or professional standards of behavior whcih memebers of the group must comply
a governments official act of granting persission to an individual eg. attorney
unauthoriezed practice of law ( UPL)
legal authority sucha s a state lefislature, as consituting the practice of law w/out legal authorization to do so
professionl misconduct or nefligence.the failure to excercise due care ont he part of a professional. EG attorney or physician Tort (wrongfull act)
money awarded as a remedy for a civil wrong, such as a breach of contract or tortious act
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