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1. How do you verify the airworthiness of the aircraft? 7-2
• Ensure the required documents and logs/logbooks are on the assigned aircraft • Review the Deferred Item Log.
2. How do you correct a logbook entry made in error? 7-7
• Draw a single line through the word(s); do not obliterate • Initial and date adjacent to the entry made in error • Rewrite entry, as necessary
3. After completing a supplemental system reset with a satisfactory result, does an entry need to be made in the aircraft logbook? 7-25
4. Is there any tool used prior to performing a Special Ferry Permit, Reposition flight, or Operational check flight? 7-33
Yes, Dispatch will consult the Flight Risk Assessment tool
5. Can a CB be reset in flight? 7-37
Yes, if doing so is consistent with explicit procedures specified in the approved operating manual used by the flight crew
6. Who can reset tripped circuit breakers on the ground from an unknown cause? 7-36
Maintenance personnel only
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