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When a drug travels from the site of administration into the blood stream is called
The abbreviation for "Tice a Day" is
A drug that binds to a receptor and stimulates its function is said to be an
Agonist Drug
A form of drug that tends to act mor quickly is
Anesthesia means
Loss of Sensation
The most popular preoperative medication is a sedative called
There are 4 stages of Anesthesia, they are
Amnesia, Delirium, Surgical Anesthisia, Overdose
The stage where the patinet has a "Loss of memory" is the
Amnesia Stage
The stage where the patinet "Doesn't realize what is going on is the
Delirium Stage
The stage where the the patient reaches  adequate depth of anestheisa and "Incision Starts" is the
Surgical Anesthesia Stage
The stage where the patient reaches a very deep sleep is the
Overdose Stage
What are 5 phases of General Anesthesia
Preinduction, Induction, Maintenance, Emergency, Recovery
Given to the patient before he is anesthestisized is the General Anesthesia Phase
The phase when the medication is given is called the
Induction Phase
The phase when the operation starts is the
Maintenane Phase
The phase when the patient is brought out of anesthesia is the
Emergency Phase
The phase when the patient is out of anesthesia is the
Recovery Phase
The anesthetic that blocks nerve endings and does not require an anesthesiologist is
Local Anesthetic
Anesthetic that blocks  groups of nerves
Regional Anesthesia
The most common anesthetics are
Lidocaine, Bupivicaine, and Mepivicaine
An anesthesia given intrathecally and aggects the lower half of the body is
Spinal Anesthesia
When monitoring local anesthesia Neuromuscular funtion is determined
4 to 0
Full neuromuscular relaxation is considered
0 (zero) while 4 is relaxation
0-4 means the patient is not
Responding to Stimuli
There are 5 types of shock and they are
Ceptic, Hypovelemic, Anaphalactic, Neuro and Cardiogenic shock
Physical status is classified from
1(one) to E, 1being normal and E is Emergent
The natural clot dissolving enzyme in the blood is called
Avitene is not a form of
Oxidized Cellulose.
An Agent used to distroy bacteria is
A bacteria f the GI tract that has developed resistance to Vancomycin is called
Drugs that promote clot formation is
Hemostatic agents can be used dry or oist and is available in film, Powder, and sponge forms, they are called
Absorbable Gelatin
Binds to receptors site proteins and then inhibits the response
The generic name for Coumadin is
Warfarin sodium
2 substances that play a vital role in the process of clot formation is
Calcium and Vitamin K
Agents that dissolve already fromed clots is
An order for a drug to be given every 4 hours is abbreviated
Bacteria are classified as
Bacteria dont have fully developed
A group of drugs known as receptor blockers are called
A Microfibrillar Collagen is
A dye used to verify kidney falure is called
Gentaian Violet
Standards that were passed in 1970 is the
Controled Substance Act
The organization established to enforce the Controlled Substance Act is the
What drug is used to revers the effects of Heprin
Promatine Sulfate
What surgical procedure is preformed to remove a blood clot
Arterial Embolectomy
When the drug travels from the site of administration into the blood stream it is called
Drug that inhibits the process fo blood clot formation
A hemostatic agent that causes adhesion formation if it comes in contact with non-bleeding
The parenteral anticoagulant mostly used is
Heprin Sodium
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