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Single idea bullet.
"I" language
language that describes the speakers position without evaluating others
"you" language
language that judges another person increasing the likely hood of a defensive reaction
3 self
material, social, spiritual, cyber?
4 major functions of feedforward?
open the channels of communication, preview the message, altercast and disdain
4 steps to maintaining a healthy and self-empowering self-concept?
1. identify yourself with a strong opinion of self 2. find positive role models to guide you 3. take time to reflect and become aware of your personal needs and motivations 4. try different experiences
4 types of noise?
physical, physiological, psychological, semantic
5 basic categories of kinesics
emblems, illustrators, affect displays, regulators, adaptors
5 dimensions of feedback?
positive-negative, person-focused message, immediate-delayed, low-monitored-high-monitored and supportive-critical
A Scribed Identity
An identity assigned to you by others
abstaction ladder
a range of more to less abstract terms describing an event or object
meaning resulting from inability to experience a referent with one of senses
abstract languge
language that lacks or does not refer to observable behavior or other sensory data
Abstract Meaning
Meaning that refers to something that con not be preceived or experienced with one of the senses.
accepted standards for the format of the printed presentation?
Ensure you: (1)Double space text. (2)Ensure all main points are adequately supported; paper lengths will vary depending on the topic and/or requirements. (3)If computer-generated, use a 12-point, Times New Roman font; maintain one-inch margins all around; align text to left margin; do not center or justify text. (4)If handwritten, print or write legibly; use standard 8.5" by 11" college-ruled notebook paper; remove any frayed, spiral, or perforated edges; ensure letter are distinguishable from lower case letters.
According to Dr. Kline, what properties of voice?
Quality, intelligibility and variety.
learning about other cultures through interaction
act of producing a message?
act of receiving messages and translating the sound waves?
Action Oriented Listeners
Those who perfer that the message communocated by others contain information that is functional, well organized, breif and accurate
ad lib speaking
speaker has no time to organize ideas and responds immediately when answering a question, volunteering an opinion, or interacting during a question-and-answer session
To adjust both what is communicated and how a message is communicated to make choices about how best to formulate a message and respond to others to achieve your communication goals.
nonverbal behaviors that help satisfy a personal need or help a person adapt or respond to immediate situation; movements that are unintentional body movements in reaction to boredom or stress
Making things better
helping response in which the reciever offers suggestions about how the speaker should deal with a problem
affect blends
the combination of two or more expressions each following a different emotion
Affect Display
A non verbal behavior that communicates emotions.
affect displays
movements that reflect the intensity of our emotions of feelings
the degree to which people like or appreciate eachother; normally expressed nonverbally
language reflecting unqualified, often untrue, generalization denying individual differences
altruistic lies
deception that was intended to be unmalicious
ambiguous message?
messages with more than one potential meaning
a style in which the reciever listens carefully to gather information to use in an attack on the speaker
Fat housebound whore with low self-esteem cause she's a frickin' glacier
a helping style in which the listener offers an interpertation of a speakers message
Non verbal behaviors such as vocal expression facial expression and gesters that communicate feelings of intrest and excitement.
Clothing or another element of apperance (e.g. jewelry tattoos, pericings, make-up, clogne.)
direct perception of sender's needs, thoughts, or feelings delievered in a way that does not attack the reciever's dignity
assimilationist perspective?
people should leave their native culture and go to a new one.
Asynchronous Commuication
communication in which timing is out of sync there is a time delay between when you send a message and when you receive it.
Asynchronous Listening
listening to recorded messages such as those on an answering machine or voice mail which do not allow you to get an opportunity for you to get a response to your feedback.
To maintain a sustained focus on a particular message.(primary listening pattern0
the process of focusing on certain stimuli from the enviorment
what you attend to or notice in your environment
A learned predisposition to respond to a person, object, or idea in a favorable or unfavorable way.
attributes of an effective bullet statement?
It should be specific, accurate and concise.
Attribution theory
very general causal attributions (crying-sad, laughing-happy)
audience analysis
consists of assessing the demographics psychographic, and rhetorographic characteristics of your prospective listeners
judgement about your own culture
Avowed Identity
An identity you assign to yourself and portray
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