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     When performing the finger puncture blood collection method, what action should you avoid so your blood sample will not be diluted with tissue fluid?  
          Immediately apply the collection tube to the lanced fingertip
  Leuckocytosis can be caused by which of the following infections?
1.                  A normal WBC should contain what minimum to maximum number of cells per cubic millimeter of whole blood?
       4,000 to 11,000
  1.                  Which of the following methods should be used to control chiggers at permanent campsites?
  Clearing and removing all vegetation at the site
1.                  Gram-positive organisms are easily seen on a smear because they stain what color?
Deep Blue      
1.                  A hematocrit value below an individual’s normal range for the sex and age indicates which of the following conditions?
1.                  The normal hematocrit value for adult female is within what range of percentages?
  40% to 48%
1.                  The Medical Department Representative aboard ship is required to test the water for bacteria content at what minimum interval?
Once a week  
1.                  Aboard ship, what minimum residual should be required in all potable water when taken aboard from an approved source?
       0.2 parts per million
1.                  Which of the following chemicals is used in a canteen so that the water can be purified for human consumption?
       Calcium Hypochloride
1.                  Which of the following diseases is not a principal waterborne disease of concerns in the United States?
1.                  The use of nonpotable water is prohibited for which of the following activities?
Industrial Cleaning
1.                  Your ship just obtain water from an area where amebiasis is endemic, what chlorine residual must you obtain following a 30 minute contact period to make the water safe for drinking?
      2.00 parts per million
1.                  Detailed information on water supply ashore and afloat can be found in which source?
       Manual of Naval Preventive Medicine Chapters 5 & 6
1.                  Which of the following combination of water sources is not correctly matched?  
a.                   Vegetation – Coconuts b.                  Snow & Ice – Heat c.                   Rainwater – Catchment d.                   Surface water – Wells
1.                  What rodenticide is considered being the safest for use by medical personnel?
1.                  What infectious agent specifically identifies syphilis?
   Treponema Pallidum
1.                  A sudden onset of profuse vomiting, watery diarrhea, rapid dehydration, and collapse are symptoms of which of the following quarantinable disease?
1.                  Drooping eyelids, blurred and trouble vision, sore throat, dry mouth, vomiting, diarrhea, and symmetrical paralysis are symptoms of which disease?
1.                  All foodservice personnel are required to have minimum of  _____ hours initial training and _____ hours refresher training in foodservice sanitation principles?
6 hrs,   3 hrs  
Which of the following contagious infections is the most common form of genital ulceration?
a.                  Herpes Simplex Type 2
1.                  Of the different types of shocks, which one will you encounter most frequently at a Battalion Aid Station?  
a.                  Hemorrhagic
1.                  Which of the following conditions results in the secretion of bright red blood from the rectum?  
a.                  Hematochezia
1.                  A complaint of pain, discharge, hearing loss and a blowing sensation in the ear is suspected to be what condition?
Perforated Tympanic Membrane
1.                  Alkali burns should be neutralized with which of the following chemical agents?  
  a.                  Vinegar diluted in water
1.                  An abscess in the true skin caused by the entry of microorganisms through either a hair follicle or a sweat gland is referred to what?  
a.                  Furuncle
1.                  What food elements are most important to the body tissue growth and maintenance of the body cells?
a.                  Proteins
1.                  Which of the following vitamins is transported throughout the body in the water and is classified as water-soluble?
a.                  C
1.                  Left ventricular failure or mitral stenosis usually results in which of the following conditions?
a.                  Pulmonary Edema
1.                  Which of the following diseases is characterized by excessive secretion of the thryoid hormones, increased metabolic rate, and protrusion of the eyeballs?
1.                  To keep a dressing flat and even on the forearm, what type of bandage should you use?
a.                  Spiral Reverse
1.                  Which of the following drugs is classified as central nervous system alkaloidal poison?
a.                  Cocaine
1.                  Urinary tract infection caused by the proteus group of bacteria should be treated with what sulfonamide drug?
a.                  Gantrisin
1.                  Pain associated with a circumcision can be alleviated by the use of what vasodilator?  
a.                  Amyl Nitrite
1.                  Which of the following drugs is the drug of choice for relieving migraine headaches?  
a.                  Inderal
1.                  Which of the following is the drug of choice in the treatment of status epilepticus?
a.                  Valium
1.                  Which of the following vitamins is used to help form prothrombin and other blood clotting factors?
a.                  K
1.                  Spherical bacteria that stain dark blue with Gram’s stain are
a.                  Gram-positive cocci
1.                  When doing a gram’s stain, what is referred to as the Mordant?
a.                  Grams Iodine
1.                  What urine preservation may dissolve to produce false positive for albumin?
a.                  Thymol
1.                  After the four fields are counted when doing a white blood count, you multiply by?  
a.                  50
1.                  After the five fields are counted when doing a red blood count, you multiply by?
a.                  10,000
1.                  The normal hematocrit valves for an adult male is approximately what range of percentages?
a.                  42% to 50%
1.                  Which of the following conditions is characterized by Leukocytosis?
a.                  Appendicitis
1.                  What form of plague is transmitted by the bite of the infective rat flea (xenopsylla cheopis)?  
a.                  Bubonic
1.                  What mosquito is responsible for transmitting Yellow Fever?
a.                  Aedes Egypti
1.                  What directive gives the Department of the Navy standards for writing, quality, correspondence format, and paperwork management?  
a.                  SECNAVINST 5216.5D
1.                  What type of letter is used when officials of two or more activities issue a letter concerning a particular subject or administrative problem common to both activities?
a.                  Joint   
1.                  What is not required to appear on all out going correspondence?
a.                  Typist initials
1.                  How should a signature of a person with By direction authority be indicated if signing orders affecting pay and allowances?  
a.                  By direction of the Commanding Officer
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