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Sensorineural is defined as?
Pathology of the inner ear
Define Equilibirum.
Inner ear labyrinth signals brain about body's position.
What is Vertigo?
Staggering gait and a strong, spinning, whirling sensation.
increased growth of coarse hair (mostly face/trunk)
patches of pale, itchy wheals in erythematous area
urticaria (hives)
dry skin usually from decreased activity of sebaceous/ sweat glands
unilateral edema is a sign of?
a local or peripheral cause
What is the largest gland in the mouth, that lies within the cheeks in front of the ear extending from the zygomatic arch down to the angle of the jaw?
bilateral edema is a sign of?
a central problem (eg heart failure, kidney failure)
skin self examination ABCDE rules are?
A- asymmetry
B- border (poorly defined)
C- color (variation of one or color)
D- diameter
E- elevation and enlargement
cerumen = ________ = buildup can cause imparement of __________ in elderly
ear wax; hearing
This is the fibrous protective white covering of the eye..
This is the thin mucous membrane; transparent protective covering of eyeball and mucous membrane.
Aging adults could loose their vision to lens opacity.  What is the term for this?
This is defined as intraocular pressure and is known to happen in the aging adult.  It can lead to blindness.
These yellow elevated nodules are due to a thickening of the bulbar conjunctiva from prolonged exposure to sun, wind, and dust.  Found in the aging adult.
This is a gray-white arc or circle around the limbus; due to deposition of lipid material.  Seen in the aging adult.
Arcus senile
What is medical term for hives?
These are soft, raised yellow plaques occurring on the lids at the inner canthus.  Commonly occur around the fifth decade of life.
These are small, round, yellow dots that are scattered haphazardly on the retina. Seen in the aging adult.
In the aging adult _____ is dryer because of atrophy of the apocrine glands.
This is a gradual sensorineural loss caused by nerve degeneration in the ear or auditory nerve.  As seen in the aging adult.
What are infants more prone to ear infections that adults?
Their Eustachian tube is horizontal vice sloped as an adult.
What is the Corneal light Reflex (Hirschberg Test)?
Assesses the parallel alignment of the eye axes by shining a light toward the person's eyes.  Reflection on on the corneas should be in the exact same spot on both eyes.
What are the four different sinuses?
Frontal, Ethmoid, Sphenoid, Maxillary
What are the three pairs of salivary glands in the mouth?
Parotid, Submandibular, Sublingual
This gland is the size of a walnut and lies beneath the mandible at the angle of the jaw.
This is the smallest gland, almond shaped gland.  It lies within the floor of the mouth under the sublingual fold under the tongue.
Sublingual Gland
annular means?
confluent means?
run together
discrete means?
twisted coiled
target or iris?
concentric rings
scratch; streak
annular lesions run together
linear along nerve route
ex. mosquito bite
blister or a bulla
ex. acne
tumor can be?
benign or malignant
macule- color change; flat <1 cm
papule0 color change ; elevated; <1 cm
nodule- solid, elevated into dermis > 1 cm
tumor a nodule that is > few cms
wheal- superficial, red, raised, edema within
ex. hives
encapsulated fluid filled; elevated
vesicle elevated w/ free flowing fluid <1cm ex blister
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