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caput, capitis
n., head, leader; beginning; life; heading; chapter (capitol, capitulate, captain, cheif, chef, cattle, archieve)
consul, consulis
m., consul (consular, consulate)
nemo, nullius, nemini, neminem, nullo or nulla
m. or f., no one, nobody
ego, mei
I (ego, egoism, egotism egotistical)
tu, tui
is, ea, id
this, that; he, she, it (i.e. id est that is)
idem, eadem, idem
the same
amicus, -a, -um
friendly (amiable, amiably, cp. amo & the nouns amicus, -a ...)
carus, -a, -um
dear (caress, charity, charitable, cherish)
conj., because
neque, nec
conj. and not, nor; or neque...neque = neither...nor
postpositive conj., however, moreover
adverb of bonus, well, satisfactory, quite (benefit, benevolent)
adv., even, also
intellego, intelegere, intellexi, intellectum
3) to understand (intellegent, intelligentsia, cp. lego ch. 18)
mitto, mittere misi, missum
3) to send, let go (admit, commit, emit, omit, remit, submit, compromise, demise)
sentio, senire, sensi, sensum
4) to feel, perceive, think, experience (assent, consent, dissent, presentiment, resent, sentimental, scent)
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