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animal, animalis
n., a living creature, animal (breath, air, spirit, soul, cp. animus)
aqua, -ae
f., water (aquatic, aquarium)
ars, artis
f., art, skill (artifact, inertia)
auris, auris
f., ear (aural, auricular; not to be confused with "auriferous" from aurem, gold)
civis, civis
m. and f., citizen (civilian, civic, civalize)
ius, iuris
n., right, justice, law (jusistiction, justice, injury)
mare, maris
n., sea (marine, maritime, rosemary, mere -archaic for small lake)
mors, mortis
f., death (mortal, mortify, mortgage, murder)
nubes, nubis
f., cloud (nubilous)
os, oris
n., mouth, face (oral, oriface)
pars, partis
f., part, share, direction (party, partake, particle, impart)
Roma, -ae
f., Rome (romance; cp. Romanus)
turba, -ae
f., uproar, disturbance; mob, crowd, multitude (turbulent)
urbs, urbis
f., city (urban, suburb)
vis, vis
f., force, power, violence
a, ab
prep. + abl. away from, from; by (abject, abstract); a (before consonants) ab (before vowels or consonants)
prep. + acc., across; also a perfix (transport, transmit)
1) to speak, to adress (as), call, name (appellation, appeal)
curro, currere, cucurri, cursum
3) to run, rush, move quickly (current, cursory, occur)
1) to change, alter; exchange (mutable, commute)
teneo, tenere, tenui, tentum
2) to hold, keep, possess; restrain; -tineo -ere -tinui -tentum in compounds, e.g. contineo (tenable, tenacious, tenant, tenet, tenure, tentacle, tenor, continue, content, continent, pertinent, pertinacity, lieutenant, appertain, detain, retain, sustain)
1) to avoid, shun; not to be confused with vivo (inevitable)
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