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Version of therapy dev. by Judith Beck is referred to as ___ Therapy, while the version developed by the traditional behaviorists, such as Meichenbaum and Barlow, is called_____.
Cognitive, Cognitive Behavioral
Modern CBT can also trace its origins to the humanistic approach to psychotherapy
(___) with its emphasis on self-actualization and personal growth
Carl Rogers
____ insisted on the principle that the meaning of any
conception in the mind is the practical effect it will have in action
Pragmatism (James Pierce)
In the cognitive model, _____ thoughts influence emotion, behavioral, and physiological responses
___ are cognitive errors wen you pick out a single negative detail and dwell on it exclusively, and ignore the positive.
Mental Filters
____ Error—You arbitrarily anticipate that things will turn out badly
The Fortune-Teller Error
____ is when you assume that your negative emotions necessarily reflect the way things really are
Emotional Reasoning
CBT emphasizes the importance of the patient performing homework assignments.
At the core of the homework is the _____
dysfunctional thought record
___ is a structured method described by Beck et al., 1979 that can be used to address a patient’s lack of motivation and inactivity
Activity Scheduling
____are used to take a challenging behavioral goal and break it down into steps so it does
not appear so overwhelming
Graded Task Assignments
_____ is a time-limited (12–16 sessions), diagnosis-targeted empirically validated treatment that focuses on current interpersonal difficulties and symptoms
Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT)
____ and colleagues developed IPT to treat major depression in the 1970s as a
psychotherapy treatment arm for a pharmacotherapy study.
Gerald Klerman, Myrna Weissman
IPT Focuses on ____ and on Interpersonal Problems Rather Than Automatic Thoughts
Affect.  IPT emphasizes that depression is a medical illness
The four IPT Interpersonal Problem Areas are: Role Dispute, Role Transition, Complicated Bereavement, and ___
Interpersonal Deficits
Acute tx with IPT inc three treatment phases:
Initial Phase (sessions 1–3), Middle Phase (sessions 4–9) and ___ (sessions 10–12)
Termination Phase
Psychodynamic psychotherapy is based on the work of ___ and his followers who developed both
psychoanalysis and the psychoanalytic model of the mind.
Sigmund Freud
Psychoanalysis aimed at analyzing defenses so as to bring ___
pathogenic ideas into consciousness where they could be integrated with the rest of mental life
Freud’s early model of the mind, known as the Topographic model, postulated a hierarchy of conscious,
___ and unconscious domains, separated by a barrier of repression
The id
is completely unconscious, and contains the instinctual drives of libido and ___
ego is both conscious and unconscious; it is the responsible for maintaining psych homeostasis and ____
superego, which is also partly conscious and partly unconscious, includes both the ego ideal (the moral compass) and the capacity to create ___
conflict creates anxiety that mobilizes
____ that lead to the creation of compromise formations
defense mechanisms
Important Ego psychologists
include Anna Freud, Heinz Hartmann, and ____
Erik Erikson
___ elaborated on the concept of compromise formation, which asserts that all behavior represents
a partial expression of competing and conflicting motives.
Charles Brenner
___  theory sees motivation as arising in and indelibly shaped by interpersonal relationships with
caregivers in childhood
Objects Relations.  An object relation consists of a representation of the self in relationship to another (or object) linked with an affective feeling tone.
In Object Relations theory, __ described developmental stages of object relations: the paranoid-schizoid position and depressive position based on how child is able to maintain a stable representation of the object in the face of frustration
Melanie Klein
John Bowlby is the founder of ______
attachment theory
___ delineated the stages of separation /individuation
Margaret Mahler
___ developed the concept of the transitional object
David Winnicott
____ is a contemporary psychoanalyst
who has done work that integrates Ego psychology and Object Relations theory.
Otto Kernberg
Self psychology, founded by ___, based on a model that certain individuals experience trauma during childhood in form of failure of parental empathy
Heinz Kohut
Kohut described selfobject transferences that arise in tx including what he called the mirror transference and the ____
idealizing transference
___ personality organization
has poorly differentiated object relations w/ fragmentation of the
self experience called identity diffusion,and by use of primitive defenses
Mature Defenses
• Suppression
• Altruism
• Sublimation
• ____
Neurotic Defenses
• Displacement
• Intellectualization
• Rationalization
• Isolation of Affect
• Undoing
• Repression
• _____________
Reaction Formation
Primitive Defenses
• Splitting
• Projective Identification
• Projection
• Denial
• Dissociation
• ________
Clarification, confrontation, and ___ are the classical techniques of
____ is an interdisciplinary team controlled studies in US, as well as other countries, demonstrate reductions in inpatient hospitalizations.
Program for Assertive Community Treatment (PACT)
Multifaceted behavioral intervention involving individualized assessment of attitudes and misconceptions
regarding medication, illness history, illness psycho-education
Medication Compliance Therapy (Fenton)
There is __  evidence that day treatment programs result in better clinical or social outcomes as compared to regular
outpatient care
Family Intervention, PACT, CBT, Token Economy, Social Skills Training, and ____ have clear evidence of benefit
Supported Employment
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