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Lists all the files and directory in the current directory
ls - a
Lists all the files and directories, including hidden files and directories
ls -l
Displays information regarding file size, creation date and premissions
ls -al
Lists ALL files, including hidden files
cd directory
Changes directory to the directory of your choosing.

Example: cd public_html
Takes you one directory up.
Displays the full UNIX path of the current directory
mkdir directory_name
Creates a new directory
pico filename
Pico is UNIX's basic text editor. Type in pico followed by the text file you wish to view to open the file.
cp old_file new_file
Copies the contents of a current file into a new file.
cp /directory1/file /directory2/file
Copies the contents of a current file into a new file within a differnet directory
mv old_file new_file
Renames a file
mv /directory1/file /directory2/file
Moves a file to a new directory
rm filename
Deletes a file
rmdir directory_name
Deletes a directory. If there are files within the directory, this command will NOT work. The directory must be empty before you can delete it.
rm -r directory_name
Deletes a directory, including ALL files and subdirectories within it
Displays all people using the server
head filename
Displays the first line of text from a file
lpr filename
Prints a document
Stops a display of information
Displays information one screen at a time so it can be read easier.
Pipe command
Pipes the output of one command into the input of another command
ping IP Address
Sends an echo request to a network host
Changes your password
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