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Cloned from: Hebrew Alephbet


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Aleph (Silent)
Bet (B/V)
Gimel (G)
Dalet (D)
He (H)
Vav (V/O/U)
Zayin (Z)
Chet (Ch)
Tet (T)
Yod (Y)
Kaf (K/Kh)
Khaf (Kh)
Lamed (L)
Mem (M)
Mem (M)
Nun (N)
Nun (N)
Samech (S)
Ayin (Silent)
Pe (P/F)
Fe (F)
Tzade (Tz)
Tzade (Tz)
Qof (Q)
Resh (R)
Shin (Sh/S)
Tav (T/S)
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