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Haversian System
Concrete rings made up of osteocyte filled lacunae
Home for osteocyte
Carry blood vessels across osteocyte
Haversian Canal
Carries blood supply
Volkmann Canals
Larger channels that carry blood vessels across haversian systems.
6 Types of Synovial (diarthrosis)Joints
1. Ball and Socket 2. Hinge 3. Condyloid 4. Pivot 5. Gliding 6. Saddle
Describe and give an example of Ball and Socket Joints
Movement in all planes. Example: Scalpula and Humerus
Describe and give an example of Hinge Joints
Movement in one plane. Example: Humerus and Ulna; Femur and Tibia.
Describe and give an example of Condyloid Joints
Movement in one plane with some lateral movement. Example: Temportal Bone and Mandible
Describe and give an example of Pivot Joints
Rotation Example: Atlas and Axis, Radius and Ulna
Describe and give an example of Gliding Joints
Side to Side Movement. Example: Between Carpals
Describe and give an example of Saddle Joints
Movement in several planes. Example: Carpometacarpal of thumb
Differences Between Male and Femal Pelvic Regions
1. Pubic Synthesis can Seperate in Females 2. Angle of Pubic Arch 3. Pelic Inlet is Wider in Females 4. Ilium is more flared out in females 5. Sacrum curves out more in females.
Structure from outside in of bone tissue
1. Periosteum 2. Compact Bone 3. Spongy Bone 4. Marrow Cavity
Differences from compact bone and spongy bone
Compact bone has no haversian systems, tissue is loosely arranged.
Where can yellow Bone marrow be found?
Long Bones, in Long Diaphysis made of compact bone and is hollow, forming a canal which contains yellow marrow.
Where can Red Marrow Be Found?
End of the bon called Epiphyss, which consists of a thin layer of compact bone and a center of spongy bone containind red marrow.
Short Bone Description and Examples
Made of Spongy Tissue covered with a thin layer of compact bone. Examples, bones of the wrist and ankle.
Flat Bone Description and Examples
Made of spongy bone covered with a thin layer of compact bone. Shoulder Blades, Hip Bones, and Cranial bones.
Irregular Bone Description and Example
Made up of spongy bone covered with a thin layer of compact bone. Example: Vertebrae and Facial Bones
How to osteoblasts help bone growth?
Build bone using calcium.
What is ossification?
Bone Formation
What are the growth Plates?
Epihyseal Discs
What are the to frontanels at birth?
Bregma (Anterior) and Lambda (Post Frontal)
What is the function of Frontanels?
Permit compression of baby's head at birth.
What are the two main divisions of the skeleton?
Axial: Skull Vertebral column and ribcage. Appendicular: Everything Else.
Names of Vertebrae.
Cervical (7) Thoracic (12) Lumbar (5) Sacral Sacrum Coccyx
Function of Vertebral Canal?
Weight management, It bares weight.
What is the sternum composed of?
1. Manubrium 2. Body 3. Xiphoid Process
Ribs and their Names
1-7 True 8-10 False 11-12 Floating
How are the true and falce ribs connected to the sternum?
Via Costal Cartilage
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