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Respiratory drugs

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Why can we give kids more Albuterol than adults?

because they metabolize the drug faster than the drug can reach its potential

What percent of Albuterol MDI actually goes to the lungs? rest goes where?

30% goes to lungs
70% to stomach

1 ML =

1 cc

1 mg=

.001 grams

500 ml=


We use mg's for?


Mcgs are used for?


Parasympathetic controls what?

salivation, lacrimation,urination, defication
when you stimulate, you get more
Uses ACH to create SLUD

Sympathetic controls what?

Fight or Flight
not essential to life
Uses two major receptors:
Alpha and Beta 1& 2

Parasympathomimetic does what?

stimulates parasympathetic nervous system

Parasympatholytic does what?

blocks effects of parasympathetic nervous system
Increases HR and causes bronchodilation

Sympathomimetic does what?

stimulates sympathetic nervous system

Sympatholytic does what?

blocks effects of sympathetic nervous system

Cholinergic does what?

stimulates a receptor for ACH
same as parasympathomimetic

When stimulated; the sympathetic nervous system throw these Alpha and Beta 1 and 2 into action. What do these receptors do in turn?

Alpha- stimulates vasoconstriction
Beta 1- Increases HR(think 1 heart=
beta 1)
Beta 2- causes bronchodilation
(think 2 lungs=beta 2)

Adrenergic does what?
Give an example of and adrenergic drug

stimulates a receptor for Norepinephrine and Epinephrine causing bronchodilation

Anticholinergic does what?

blocks ACH in turn blocking parasympathetic system

Antiadrenergic does what?

blocks Norepinephrine and Epinephrine
is a sympatholytic

Anticholinergic is parasympatholytic blocking SLUD so if we are blocking a natural derease in HR caused by SLUD then an anticholinergic would?

increase HR

Adrenergic is hand in hand with?


Adrenergics are also referred to as?

meaning they stimulate B2(bronchoconstriction)

What are indications for adrenergic bronchodilators?

Relaxation of airway bronchial smooth muscle in the presence of reversible airflow obstruction

What are some short acting adrenergic bronchodilators?
Rescue inhalers?

Albuterol, levalbuterol, and pirbuterol

Long acting adrenergic brochodilators?

Salmeterol and Formoterol

Another unspecific adrenergic bronchodilator?

Racemic Epinephrine

(Proventil, Ventolin, ProAir)
Adult Dosage for Hand held neb

0.5ml (2.5mg) via SVN

Albuterol Dose

2 puffs of 90mcg

Albuterol Dose

1 inhalation of 200 mcg/capsule DPI

Onset of bronchodilation for Albuterol?

15 min.

Time to peak bronchodilating effect for Albuterol?

30-60 min.

Duration of action Albuterol

5-8 hours

Levalbuterol is also known as:


Adult dosages of Levalbuterol

0.63mg & 1.25mg

Levalbuterol MDI dose

2 puffs of 90 mcg/puff Q4-6

What 2 drugs are in Advair?

salmeterol and flovent