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Quiz 2

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True or False
If you set the IP addres manually, you will not need to provide DNS server information manually?


True or false
ICS turns your computer into a router so that other computers on the local network can access its internet connection?


True or False\
By default, the windows firewall is turned off.


True or False
True or False
If you inappropriatley allowed network discovery in a public network enviroment, you would allow total strangers to see and access any file shares on your system


Each host on a TCP/IP network should be configured with a number of mandatory and optional configuration items except for what?

Routing method

If a systmen will be a DHCP server, what type of address sholuld you set?

Static IP address

What two types of hard disks does WIN2k supports?

Basic and Dynamic

What is made up of the free space from multiple physical disks?

Spanned volume

Which type of volume is made up of free space from multiple disks and uses RAID0 stripping to interleave data cross the disks?

Striped volume

Which type of volume consists of free space contained on a single physical disk?

Simple volume

Which partition style is recommended for disks larger than 2TB or for disks that are used in Itanium computers?


Which console whould a computer running server core will allow you to launch.

Windows registry editor

Which program does server core installation include?

Windows Notepad

When istalling Win2K it is recommended to istall the software onto which type of media?

Fresh or previously media

What tools do you use to configure the network settings onĀ  Win2K?

Initial Configuration Task (ICT)

Command Line

Server MAnager Console

Which of the following is not a role that you can install on WIN2K?
Fax services

System File Services

Application Server

Windows sharepoint Service

System File Service

Which console do you use to configure the DNS server?

Server Manager

Which feature allows recovery of operating system state, files, folders, and application data by creating snapshot of the full server?

Windoes Server Backup

Wich tool do you use to manage disks and partitions in Win2K?

Disk managment tools

A striped volume uses which type of striping to interleave data across the disks?


Which operating system does not support dynamic disks?

Windows NT

Once a server core computer is installed, how can it be managed locally?

Command-line utilites

True or false
Because the software is installed into a single partition, the specified minimum storage requirments acually apply to eh space with in the partition being used and not the total drive size?


The ability to use the installation process to fix problems with an existing windows server system is called?

Repair Mode

installation of just the ness

What type of network will allow you to host an activation service locally within own network?


Which disk formatting option will cause a disk to appear as a folder with an existing volume?

Mount point

Which windows server 2008 feature installs and configure wireless connection and wireless LAn profiles?

Wireless Networking

What was the primary means of name resolution on Windoes networks prior to the introduction of Windows 200 and Active Directory?


Which feature is used to perform backups and restores windows volume?

Windows Server Backup

Which networking service is used to automatically associate NetBios names with IP address?


Which disk parition style is recommended for disks that are used in itanium computers?


The ability to use the installation process to fix problems witha n existing Windoes Server system is called ..................

repair mode

Installation of just the necessary components for a particular server role, without the GUI and other software features, is called.............

Server Core

The ...........screen appears be default when the windows server 2008 is installed?


The feature that allows users on different computers to access the Internet through a single connection is calleed..........


the setting describing thenetwork enviroment, such as home or public network is called ......

The Network location

The NEtwork location setting controls the Behavior of ........

Network discovery