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define menopause

cessation of menstration; also called climacteric or change of life

define pre-menstrual syndrome

symptoms that occur about 1 or 2 weeks before menstruation: breast swelling and tenderness, Acne, Bloating and weight gain, Pain - headache or joint pain Food cravings, Irritability, mood swings, crying spells, depression

define dysmenorrhea

difficult or painful menstration

define amenorrhea

absence or abnormal stopping of menses

define menorrhagia

abnormally profuse menstrual flow

define metrohhagia

uterine bleeding at irregular intervals and sometimes for a prolonged period

define hysteroscopy

a thin telescope that is inserted through the cervix into the uterus

define culdoscopy

examination of the internal female viscera by means of an endoscope inserted through the posterior vaginal fornix

define dyspareunia

painful intercourse

define leukorrhea

white vaginal discharge which is a symptom of vaginitis

define oophoritis

inflamation of the ovaries

define salpingitis

inflammation of the fallopian tubes

define pyosalpinx

A reproductive system disorder in which the Fallopian tubes are distended with pus.

define pelvic exenteration

a radical surgical treatment that removes all organs from a person's pelvic cavity

define vesicovaginal fistula

an abnormal fistulous tract extending between the bladder and the vagina that allows the continuous involuntary discharge of urine into the vagina

define rectovaginal fistula

a fistula between the rectum and the vagina

define laproscopy

a medical procedure which allows a physician to view the abdominal and pelvic organs including the uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, liver, gall bladder, intestines

define conization

removal of a cone-shaped portion of the cervix

define prolapsed uterus

a collapse, descent, or other change in the position of the uterus in relation to surrounding structures in the pelvis.

define cystocele

herniation of the urinary bladder into the vagina

define rectocele

herniation of part of the rectum into the vagina

define D&C

Dilation & Curettage -

post-op care of D&C

monitor discharge on peripads q 15 minutes for the first hour, make sure patient is able to boid, educate on expected serosanguanous discharge for several days, report increased or frank bleeding or temperature, no douche, tub baths, tampons, intercourse

define PID

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease -

list 7 symptoms of PID

malodorous discharge, backache, abdominopelvic pain, nausea and vomiting, severe UTI symptoms, fever

give 3 treatments of PID

antibiotics for both partners, bedrest in semifowlers position

define endometriosis

presence of endometrial tissue outside of the uterus

give 5 symptoms of endometriosis

dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia, metrorrhagia, dysparunia

medical treatment of endometriosis

symptom relief, pregnancy, hormone therapy, natural or surgical menopause

surgical treatment of endometriosis

D&C, hysterectomy

define fibroid tumors of the uterus

muscle tumors in the endometrium

give 5 symptoms of fibroid tumors of the uterus

none, pressure in pelvic area, anemia, menorrhagia, dysmenorrhea, malaise

give possible treatments of fibroid tumors of the uterus

yearly pap, D&C, myomectomy, hysterectomy

define PAP test

scraping of the cervix to evaluate cells for cancer

define Schiller's test

after pap, the cervix is painted with an iodine solution and the suspicious cells will not absorb dye, these are biopsied

post-op care of vaginal hysterectomy

observe for drainage - moderate amount is expected for 48 hours and spotting is normal for 2 weeks. catheter is left in place for 4 days

post-op care of abdominal hysterectomy

same as general abdominal surgery

give 4 signs and symptoms of breast cancer

lump, pain, nipple discharge, change in breast appearance

give 3 main ways to detect breast cancer early

self exam, physician exam, mammogram

define incisional biopsy

sections of tissue are removed and inspected

define excisional biopsy

entire lesion is removed

define aspiration biopsy

aspired tissue with needle

types of mastectomy

lumpectomy, partial mastectomy, simple mastectomy, subcutaneous mastectomy, modified radical mastectomy, radical mastectomy

3 points of staging vasis

tumor, nodes, metastasis

post-op care of masectomy

arm positioned on pillow to prevent lymphedema, evaluate affected side circulation, swelling, temp, tingle, cyanosis, pulse, dressing - drainage, extra splinting with coughing and deep breathing, ambulation, encourage self care, no lifing, exercises, skin care, attitudes

define lymphedema

after lymph node removal, there is insufficient lymph tissues to get rid of edema

define cryptorchidism

undescended testicle

define torsion

twisting of the spermatic cord resulting in interruption of blood flow to testicle

define hydrocele

painless swelling of the scrotum caused by fluid accumulation

define varicocele

scrotal swelling caused by varicosities in the spermatic blood vessels