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Which is an accurate statement regarding larceny in the United States? 

Larceny is probably the most commonly committed crime of personal gain.  

A firm's accountant makes a payment to a fictitious company for goods that were never received.  She then endorses the check for payment and pockets the money.  If she is caught, with which crime will she probably be charged? 


Which is not correct information about an automobile's VIN? 

An auto's VIN consists of 14 numbers, letters, and symbols unique to each vehicle.  

Perry Franks is investigating a check forging operation.  Which is the logical first step in the investigation? 

interviewing the person who accepted the forged check  

Which of the following explains the phrase, "fungible goods"? 

untraceable goods such as tools, liquor and clothing 

Officer Carmichael has received a call to check out a possible burglary in progress in a residential area.  Which action is recommended for him?

Approach the location of the burglary and park in front of the location, blocking any vehicles that may be used as a means of escape.  

Henry is a "tin truck" driver.  Which description best fits Henry? 

He delivers auto parts from chop-shops.  

Which is an accurate statement regarding the crime of burglary? 

Burglary accounted for 22.2 percent of the estimated number of property crimes committed in 2007.  

Possession of which tools can be considered evidence of intent to burglarize?

I.          Hammer II.         Screw driver III.        Pry bar IV.        Key blanks 

A car thief opens the door of an unlocked vehicle, removes the lock cap, and attaches a device that when turned removes the lock.  He then starts the engine with a screwdriver.  Which device has he used? 

ignition extractor  

Which are examples of larceny?

I.          Purse snatching III.        Breaking into coin machines IV.        Bicycle stealing 

Which does not accurately describe the NATB? 

It provides funds to small- and medium-sized cities to combat upswings in motor vehicle theft.  

Recent research and investigations into terrorist operations have shown that terrorists look, dress, and behave like ________ people until they execute the assigned mission.


Which motive for arson accounts for fifty percent of all arsons? 

insurance fraud

Which are considered to be appropriate roles for firefighters who put out a suspicious fire?

 I.         Investigate the fire's origin. II.         Detect the possibility of arson.

Which physical evidence in a fire indicates burning alcohol? 

blue-orange flames 

Which person would most probably use a "mouse trap"? 

a marijuana grower protecting his farm  

Which is not true regarding the crime of bombing? 

A backup officer should always accompany the officer when approaching a suspected booby trap.  

Which are examples of fluids that are used to make "trailers"?

I.          Gasoline II.         Gunpowder III.        Alcohol

Sam has set off three fires at separate locations with no cooling off period between the fires.  Which label best fits Sam? 

spree arsonist 

The federal foreign relations authorization act defines terrorism in terms of four primary elements. The act says that terrorism is premeditated, politically motivated, violent, and ________.

committed against noncombatant targets 

Which is true regarding the crime of arson in the United States? 

Arson has low clearance rate of about 20%. 

Marty injected a controlled substance.  Which drug has he most probably abused? 


Terri, a drug abuser, is experiencing synergy.  Which most likely is happening to Terri? 

She is showing a severe physical reaction from using more than one drug simultaneously.  

Which best describes marijuana? 

a mild hallucinogen 

Which person is tweaking? 

Paul, who is binging on meth  

Which is an accurate statement relating to drug abuse in the United States? 

All drugs, both legal and illegal, fall into one of five categories.  

________ has been called the “gang capital of America,” with an estimated 120,000 gang members.

Los Angeles, CA 

________ is the abbreviation for the gang known as Mara Salvatrucha. It gained national prominence in the 1980s in Los Angeles, where members were linked to incidents involving unprecedented brutality.


Based on the U.S. Department of Justice National Drug Intelligence Center, rival drug cartels–the same violent groups at war in Mexico for control of routes to markets in the United States–have established ________ as the principal distribution center for the entire eastern United States.


Which of the following is considered an element of the definition of white-collar crime as described in the Dictionary of Criminal Justice Data Terminology?

both A and B 

Danielle is a "smurf" for a drug cartel.  Which best illustrates her actions? 

She goes to several different banks and purchases cashiers checks in denominations of less than the required CTR reporting amount.  

Which government agencies investigate money laundering schemes?

I.          FBI II          DEA III.        IRS IV.        FinCEN

Officer Dale is conducting a computer crime investigation.  Which is not recommended for Officer Dale to do in her investigation? 

Place disks in magnetic fields to preserve all data.  

A confidence game that includes the finding of a wallet witnessed by an unsuspecting victim is called the

pigeon drop. 

Johnny and Bill frequently carry out the most practiced con game of all time.  What is their "game"? 

the pigeon drop   

 "Past recollection recorded" is an exception to the rule against which procedure? 

giving hearsay evidence  

Although the rules of evidence vary in different courts, in general, what may the defense attorney see regarding documentation? 

The defense attorney may see anything that the officer used prior to court or anything she uses while on the witness stand to refresh her memory.  

Which is the most accurate reflection of an expert witness? 

The expert may draw conclusions and give personal opinions.  

Of those cases that result in a conviction, describe how the defendant was adjudicated.

The defendant either plead guilty or there was a verdict of guilty. 

Which is a typical area of conflict between prosecutors and police? 

the issue of whether or not a case will be brought to trial by the prosecutor 

What is the primary motivation for motor vehicle theft  committed by juvenile offenders?

joy riding 

Which is the best definition of burglary? 

breaking and entering or staying in a building or structure belonging to another with the intent of committing a crime therein 

Which is the most common event that initiates a police investigation of a stolen vehicle? 

checking out a report by the owner of a stolen vehicle  

Under current U.S. law, set forth in the USA PATRIOT Act, acts of domestic terrorism are those that involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State and appear to be intended to

all of the above 

Acts of terrorism can be carried out by

individuals, groups, or states.

Sean Larson is an arson investigator.  Which of the following should be his first step when investigating a possible arson? 

Locate the point of origin for the fire.  

________ is perhaps the most widely known Islamist group. It was founded sometime between August 1988 and late 1989 or early 1990, and it operates as a network composed of both a multinational arm and a fundamentalist Sunni movement


Criminal gangs in the United States have grown to an estimated one million members that authorities say account for ________ of crimes in communities across the country. This number is up 200,000 members since 2005.


A physician notices that his drug abusing patient exhibits symptoms of sweating, nausea, fever, and convulsions.  Which is the physician's most probable diagnosis for this patient? 


Harvey buys a drug with a THC content of six percent.  Which drug has he purchased? 


A computer criminal has created a salami technique.  Which will most probably occur next? 

The criminal will transfer small amounts of money from several specified accounts to his own account.  

What best describes a CTR? 

A Currency Transaction Report requiring banks to report cash transactions of $10,000 or more. 

Which person(s) will most probably have custody of physical evidence and bring it to the courtroom? 

police personnel 

One typical defense ploy is to attack the ________ of the officer by highlighting any inconsistencies between the testimony given by the officer and what is reflected in the official report. 

inserting an electronic letter bomb attack  

Which is not considered part of the fire triangle? 


Diddling involves which unlawful computer practice? 

entering incorrect data to falsify records  

Officer Franklin will soon testify in court.  Which guideline should he follow when testifying? 

Always tell the truth about the case.  

Which characteristics describe the typical pyromaniac?

I.          White male II.         Late teens

What is the basic fee for recycling money of a suspicious origin? 

between seven and ten percent 

What does the investigator's courtroom checklist not include? 

personal firearm carried in all courts 

Between 1980 and 2000, ________ of the 335 incidents confirmed as or suspected to be terrorist acts in the United States were carried out by American citizens.


When testifying in court, the police officer should

avoid using police terminology or slang.  

Prior to trial, what information should police investigators turn over to the prosecutor? 

all information, evidence, exculpatory evidence, and flaws in the case  

To gain a conviction in a court of law, prosecutors must prove that a fence had knowledge that property he or she received was stolen. 


Most burglars are convicted on the strength of circumstantial evidence. 


Burglars are much more willing to run away from a confrontation with a property owner than are robbers. 


Identity theft does not fall under federal law as it is a criminal act only under state law.   


To secure a conviction for larceny, the prosecution must demonstrate that the suspect had control over the property of another for some amount of time with the intent to steal.   


According to insurance companies, a $20,000 stolen vehicle can be stripped and sold for $30,000 worth of parts.   


According to the NICB, the top three stolen vehicles in the U.S. are foreign cars. 


The NCAVC is an FBI organization entitled: National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime. 


The longer a fire burns, the pattern of alligatoring becomes larger and less shallow. 


An arson suspect's "paper trail" consists of any newspapers or other materials used to start the fire. 


In many commercial arsons, the suspect leaves no "paper trail" that investigators can follow. 


Most convictions for the crime of arson are secured with circumstantial rather than direct evidence. 


"Rocks" are small particles of crack cocaine created from powder cocaine. 


Sandy buys a small amount of marijuana and shares it with a friend.  By her actions, she may be charged and convicted for the crime of drug distribution


Schedule V controlled substances are considered extremely dangerous drugs and are almost always illegal. 


"Window panes" are street forms of LSD. 


Drug cartels provide short-term financial benefits to Latin American debtor nations, but such benefits lead to inflation. 


Computer crime offenders can destroy evidence with ease. 


Computer crime is extremely difficult to detect and its investigation is likely to require a considerable investment of time. 


Generally speaking, physical evidence in computer crimes is the same as in traditional crimes. 


A police officer who testifies in court should wear a business suit during the trial. 


Being a good witness in court as a police officer requires cooperation with prosecutors to the fullest possible extent. 


The investigator's appearance on the witness stand is a key part of most criminal prosecutions. 


In 2007, law enforcement agencies reported an estimated one million burglaries. 


Pilferage may account for 30 to 75 percent of all company inventory shrinkage.


Pyromaniacs are associated with sexual perversion and tend to have pasts associated with child abuse and bedwetting. 


Circumstantial evidence in an arson case includes an establishment of both motive and opportunity. 


The theory behind asset forfeiture is to seize money or property that was either used to facilitate a drug crime or acquired with illicit drug revenues.  


The government's principal tool used to combat money-laundering efforts is the 1970 Controlled Substances Act. 


Defense attorneys may not attempt to question the officer's reliability. 


Embezzlement cases do not require special accounting expertise. 


Insurance companies are usually somewhat reluctant to aid law enforcement in arson investigations, preferring to conduct their own inquiries. 


The method of laundering illicit drug profits by acquiring financial institutions is used, but because of the easy detection of this method, banks are not acquired in the U.S.


At all times before the trial, the police investigator should avoid contact with both the defendant and defense attorney. 


Convictions may be obtained for receipt of stolen property based solely on circumstantial evidence such as a low purchase price, paying with cash, and the lack of receipts.  


An arson investigator places a liquid in a cylinder of water and notes that a thin film floats on the surface of the water.  This evidence will provide reasonable grounds in a court of law that an arson has taken place.