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Network+ Chapter 8

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In ._ , a wireless signal splits into secondary waves when it encounters an obstruction. a.                 reflection                                                  c. diffraction b.                 scattering                                                 d. bounce back

__ is a most significant problem for wireless communications because the atmosphere is saturated with electromagnetic waves. a.                 Attenuation                                              c. Diffraction b.                Fading                                                     d. Interference

____  scanning, the station transmits a special frame, known as a probe, on all available channels within its frequency range. a.                 active                                                       c. fixed b.                passive                                                     d. open

The average geographic range for an 802.1 la antenna is________________ meters. a.                 20                                                            c. 330 b.                 100                                                      d. 600

Using Bluetooth version 2.0, communicating nodes can be as far as _____ meters apart. a.                 30                                                            c. 300 b.                 100                                                                  d. 330

__ is a command-line function for viewing and setting wireless interface parameters and it is common to nearly all versions of Linux and UNIX. a.                  ipconfig                                                   c. config b.                 iwconfig                                                  d. ivconfig

LEO satellites orbit the Earth with an altitude as low as_______________ miles. a.                  100                                                          c. 6,000 b.                 1240                                                        d. 22,300

__ satellites are the type used by the most popular satellite Internet access service providers. a.                Transponder                                             c. Low Earth orbiting b.               Medium Earth orbiting                              d. Geosynchronous orbiting

Satellite Internet access providers typically use frequencies in the C- or _______________ bands. a.                L-                                                            c. Ku- b.                S-                                                            d. Ka-

Satellite return Internet access is a(n) technology. symmetrical                                             c. proprietary b.                asymmetrical                                            d. open source

11.         The use of multiple frequencies to transmit a signal is known as _____________________ technology.

11.         The ___________________________  is a unique character string used to identify an access point,

11.          A(n) ____________________ assesses client requirements, facility characteristics, and coverage areas to determine an access point arrangement that will ensure reliable wireless connectivity within a given area.

11.          Places where wireless Internet access is available to the public are called _____________________

means that satellites orbit the Earth at the same rate as the Earth turns.

Accepts wireless signals from multiple nodes and retransmits them to the rest of the network.

Transmission from a satellite transponder to an earth-based dish-shaped antenna.

Uses the 2.4-GHz frequency band and provides a maximum theoretical throughput of 54 Mbps.

The receiver can be located anywhere within the transmitter's range.

The creation of a communications channel for a transmission from an Earth-based transmitter to an orbiting satellite.

Boasts a maximum throughput of 600 Mbps.