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AD-Chapter 3

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1.) Active Directory __________ provide the means by which administrators can control replication traffic.
* sites
* services
* domains
* forests


2.)Domain controllers located in different sites will participate in __________ replication.
* extersite
* intersite
* extrasite
* intrasite


How often does intersite replication occur by default?
* 5 minutes
* 1 hour
* 15 minutes
* 10 minutes

15 min

When you install the forest root domain controller in an Active Directory forest, the Active Directory Installation Wizard creates a single site named __________.
* Site-Default
* Default-First-Site-Name
* Default-Site
* Default-Site-Name


Active Directory creates a __________ with the idea that all writeable domain controllers in a domain should communicate Active Directory information to each other, in addition to communicating forest-wide information with other domains.
* domain topology
* domain strategy
* replication strategy
* replication topology

Replication Topology

Replication within Active Directory will occur when which of the following conditions is met?
* An object is added or removed from Active Directory.
* The value of an attribute has changed.
* The name of an object has changed.
* All of the above

All of the Above

When replicating information between sites, Active Directory will designate a __________ server in each site to act as a gatekeeper in managing site-to-site replication.
* primary
* global catalog
* bridgehead
* masthead


What describes the amount of time that it takes for all domain controllers in the environment to contain the most up-to-date information?
* replication
* propagation
* convergence
* completion


Certain operations, such as a password change or an account lockout, will be transmitted by using __________ replication, which means that the change will be placed at the “beginning of the line” and applied before any other changes that are waiting to be replicated.
* fast
* immediate
* pushed
* urgent


What process is responsible for selecting a bridgehead server and mapping the topology to be used for replication between sites?
* Intersite Bridgehead Generator
* Intersite Replication Generator
* Intersite Topology Generator
* Intersite Bridgehead Replicator

Intersite Topology Generator

The primary goal of intersite replication is to minimize the usage of __________.
* administrative labor
* financial support
* Active Directory
* bandwidth


When configuring a site link object, which attribute allows the administrator to define the path that replication will take?
* cost
* schedule
* frequency
* none of the above


For both intrasite and intersite replication, what protocol does Active Directory use for all replication traffic?
* RPC over TCP
* RPC over ARP
* RPC over SMTP
* RPC over IP

RPC over IP

What is an alternative solution for intersite replication when a direct or reliable IP connection is not available?


How often does replication occur in intersite replication?
* 180 minutes
* 90 minutes
* 30 minutes
* 15 minutes


The ISTG automatically assigns one server in each site as the bridgehead server unless you override this by establishing a list of __________ bridgehead servers.
* designated
* static
* preferred
* manual


What defines a chain of site links by which domain controllers from different sites can communicate?
* site chain bridge
* site link bridge
* site chain
* site link chain

Site Link Bridge

What command-line tool used for monitoring Active Directory provides functionality that includes performing connectivty and replication tests?
* netdiag
* dcpromo
* netstat
* dcdiag


What command-line tool can be used to manually create a replication topology if site link bridging is disabled if the network is not fully routed?
* Repadmin
* Repdiag
* Netstat
* Dcdiag


The KCC is responsible for calculating intrasite replication partners. During this process, what is the maximum number of hops that the KCC will allow between domain controllers?
* 1
* 2
* 3
* 4


Domain controllers located in different sites will participate in intrasite replication.


Active Directory is only replicated when the name of an object has changed.


When replicating information between sites, Active Directory will designate a bridgehead server in each site to act as a gatekeeper in managing site-to-site replication.


The guiding principle involved in the KCC’s selection of replication partners and its creation of replication objects is the “Rule of Four,” which states that no single domain controller should be more than four network hops away from any domain controller that can originate a change to the Active Directory database.


Site links connect two sites that communicate using the same protocol.