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Exhibition of "Great German Art". 1937

The Degenerate "Art" Exhibition, Berlin. 1937

Exhibition of Degenerate Art, Munich. 1937

Ziegler. The Elements. 1937

Schawinsky. 1934--Year XII of the Fascist Era, Poster Celebrating Mussolini

Breker. Readiness. 1940

Knirr. Adolf Hitler. 1937

Wissel. Farmer's Family. 1940

Speer. German Pavilion

Russian Pavilion
Sculpture: Vera Mukhina. Industrial Worker and Collective Farm Girl

Picasso. Guernica. 1937
Created for Spanish Pavilion in Paris

Display from The Surrealist Exhibition of Objects, Paris. 1930

The International Exhibition of Surrealism, Paris. 1938

Dali. The Rainy Taxi, 1938 (Mannequin Rotting in a Taxi Cab)

Marcel Duchamp. Coal Sack Room. 1938
At the International Exhibition of Surrealism

International Exhibition of Surrealism. Rue des Mannequins (Mannequin Street). 1938

Rue des Mannequins cont.

Ernst. Surrealist mannequin. 1938

Man Ray. Photograph. 1938
Miro. Moustached Mannequin. 1938

Tanguy. The Furniture of Time. 1940

Art of the Century Gallery. Designed by Frederick Kiesler for Peggy Guggenheim, NY 1940
Surrealist Gallery

Abstract Gallery

Marcel Duchamp. 16 Miles of String, First Papers of Surrealism exhibition. 1940

Ernst. Surrealism and Painting. 1940

Matta. Invasion of the Night. 1940

Masson. Meditation on an Oak Leaf. 1940

Jackson Pollock. Cathedral. 1950

Gorky. One Year the Milkweed. 1940

Newman. Onement 1. 1950