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What's the Best Graphics Card Under 500 in 2022? Our Top Picks According to Thousands of Reviews

List of the best graphics card under 500 most purchased 2021. The best graphics card under $1000 from major brands:EVGA, MSI, ASUS. The best graphics card under $1500 : 19,848 objective consumer reviews.

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It will be really difficult if a newbie has to actually choose a good graphics card because there are hundreds of VGA models on the market from many different brands. And yet, if a card has been made well, you must check if it is compatible with the motherboard. If you buy a VGA and miss it and it is not suitable for the motherboard, do you have to increase the cost of buying a new motherboard?. 

This article will guide you on how to choose the best graphics card under $500, under $1000 suitable for your motherboard to achieve the highest efficiency.

Buying Guides

1.  Card name

Besides the specific specifications, the name of the card is the first factor for us to distinguish when buying a graphics card. Normally, the name of a graphics card will include the brand name along with the model number of the graphics card, such as GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, GeForce will be the brand name of Nvidia gaming graphics card, and GTX 1080 Ti is the model number for the graphics card.

With Nvidia gaming cards like the GTX 1080 Ti above, the first 2 digits in the "1080" signal that this is the latest generation of GTX 10 Series cards using Nvidia's Pascal architecture, replacing 9 Series of the previous life (code number will be GTX 980, 970,...). Thus, you can know what generation your card belongs to and how powerful it is. 

Based on the generation of a single card line, you'll continue to choose a card that meets your needs and fits your budget. If you are interested in Nvidia and want to try something new, but your budget is limited then MSI Gaming GeForce GT 710 is a must-have item.

2. Memory bandwidth

We often think of a graphics card with more RAM, the more powerful it will be. This is not entirely true thinking because the RAM on the graphics card is only really necessary for those who use multiple monitors, or use monitors with extremely large resolutions. For basic users like us, you should care more about memory bandwidth than RAM, because memory bandwidth is related to the performance of a card. 

The card's memory bandwidth is the symbol behind the amount of RAM, such as 1GB of GDDR5 RAM. Keep in mind that GDDR5 memory provides twice as much bandwidth as DDR3 in terms of speed. Our suggestion for graphics cards with great memory bandwidth is the MSI GTX 1650 4GB GDDR6 Ventus XS.

3.  Platform of the computer chip

In addition to choosing a discrete video card for a high-performance PC, you should also consider the platform of the processor you currently have on your computer. For example, the Pentium G processor, no matter how powerful, can not "carry" the full capacity of the GTX 1080 and easily causes bottlenecks, which both wastes the performance of the card, and costs you money. not reaching the desired performance level. 

Therefore, you should also find out what processor your computer is using and ask where the graphics card is sold about compatibility with which card line. For example, if your CPU is the Intel core i7, then the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 Super ($249) will work well.

4. Power source

Some discrete video cards for PCs have high power consumption, requiring users to install more power supplies to be able to use them. So, find out about the power supply capacity available on your computer (how much power is remaining after supplying the existing parts) and the power consumption of the card you want to buy. 

If the power consumption of the card is greater than the remaining capacity of the power supply, you should upgrade to a new power supply with more capacity. Please note that you should only buy branded power supplies such as Corsair, Antec, ... to ensure stable power, avoid damage to the electrical parts of the computer. 

In case you have the PSU CORSAIR RM850 v2019 - 850W - 80 Plus Gold - Full Modular, then it could match with the ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1060 AMP Edition ($409).

5. Heat dissipation

Heat dissipation is a factor you should pay attention to when using a video card, because if the temperature is too hot, the card will not be able to maximize its performance and reduce the life of the card. Most of the graphics cards available on the market use air heaters, but there are still a few high-performance graphics cards that use water-cooled cooling systems. Therefore, you should spend a little extra to buy a discrete video card for a PC with a heatsink instead of buying a fanless graphics card. 

Or if you want the card to always be in the coolest state, the water cooling system is a better choice. Most Graphics cards give out a lot of heat while working, like the ASRock Phantom Gaming D Radeon RX 570, require a good cooler system like the Corsair H115i RGB Platinum.

Best graphics card under $500, Under $1000


EVGA GEFORCE RTX 2070 BLACK is a capable GPU during this list of best $500 GPUs, you can’t fail with this beast, period. It’s been some months already since this card launched, thus we have a tendency to won’t bore you with an excessive amount of technical knowledge most GPU-enthusiasts most likely already recognize by now.

Out of the box, it comes with 1410 MHz base clock speed, 1620 MHz boost clock, eight GB DDR6 VRAM, and 2304 CUDA cores. it's a 56-bit memory controller with 448 GB memory information. EVGA recommends a 550-watt power supply to form a positive you’re obtaining enough power to the cardboard, and if you’re speculative what proportion this card truly attracts – it attracts a hundred seventy five watts.

The card is ten.6 inches long and four.5 inches high, and it’s created on a 2 slots style like most different EVGA cards. and that we do just like the aesthetics of the cardboard, it's sensible – but it doesn’t go with the complete back plate and RGB lighting.

Now, it’s time for the performance review, and that we have done intensive benchmark testing to envision however this 2070 card from EVGA holds up. To start out with the artificial benchmarks, we have a tendency to ran HEAVEN of UNIGENE for many hours on our 1440p monitor with each setting in extremist – associated this card screamed an FPS variety of seventy.8, whereas GTX 1070 within the same system was ready to do solely fifty five.1.

We continued our take a look at with SUPERPOSITION and GFXBench wherever this 2070 card scored twenty two.58 FPS (average) and 184.505 FPS severely defeating 1070 cards. Moving on to the games and GTA five continues to be a good benchmark to run. we have a tendency to max out all the settings, and therefore the game looked fantastically sleek with our EVGA card regarding sixty eight.76 in-game framerate on the average.

Ours next was FARCRY 5, wherever this card tense out a mean of seventy eight FPS with settings maxed. Lastly, we have a tendency to tried field of battle five, and that we got 3 completely different numbers. First, we got 70.9 FPS with none special feature; but, the numbers we have a tendency to tone down once we turn RTX on – forty three.7 FPS.


We’ve got the MSI GeForce RTX 2070 Armor OC card here for review as our third contestant. Let’s begin by taking a glance at the cardboard. There are unit 2 fans on the front, metal armor plate with MSI emblem on the rear, and eight and vi pin power connectors on high. It’s price noting the absence of NVlink here too, because the 2070 doesn't support SLI.

There’s additionally some RGB lighting on the highest that shines through the MSI emblem, and this could be controlled victimization MSI’s Mystic light-weight correct package. For the I/O, there’s 3 DisplayPort one.4 outputs, one HDMI two.0b output, and one USB Type-C port, letting up to four displays right away. 

The specs of this specific 2070 card area unit are pretty spectacular. As it’s the OC model, it comes overclocked out of the box. It’s got a constant base clock because of the reference model. However a 120MHz higher boost clock. Like different RTX cards, it additionally makes use of GDDR6 memory, and there’s 8GB obtainable here.

Let’s begin with field of honor five, a game that supports Nvidia’s new ray tracing, one amongst the key merchandising points of those RTX cards. Beginning at 1080p we’ve got the RTX on and it ends up inexperienced, and we’ve seen that the common frame rates were around 0.5 the maximum amount compared to running with RTX disabled. RTX was dropping the performance noticeably. But it absolutely was still terribly playable at medium and low settings.

At 1440p with RTX on, it absolutely was still playable at the lower setting levels, with low settings still ready to average sixty independent agency with the half low – not too way behind the common. Meanwhile, with RTX off, the sport was still enjoying fairly swimmingly relatively at extremist settings. 

4K with RTX on may be a straight write off with the 2070 during this game, however still playable while not RTX at the lower levels, granted it depends on what frame rates you’re targeting. We will mirthfully play with sixty independent agency during this game, however I’m certain others would wish higher.


Design-wise it's classic ROG thereupon sooty vogue that is sort of a twin of what we have a tendency to see within the last generation. The burly card can take up 3 growth slots, and it uses 3 fans that may mechanically shut off whenever the cardboard is underneath fifty five degrees (and resume once more mechanically because the temperature increases).

We’ve continuously quite likeable the ASUS ROG STRIX GEFORCE RTX 2070 as they work virtually any theme while not incompatible and you'll be able to, of course, alter the RGB to match your color palette accurately. it's a really long card although, thus if you're within the marketplace for a mini computer, even a small ATX, you must check the specifications to create a positive that this can slot in your case.

Other changes to remember of area unit, the I/O, and port choice because the 2070 drops all support for that multi-GPU NVlink and therefore the Strix card swaps the show port for a second HDMI. This brings our total to 2 show ports, two HDMI 2.0, so one USB type-c port. dead letter for several and their individual use cases, however if you’re a triple g-sync user, you’ll gonna realize one thing else.

Anyway, let’s refer to the performance, that for the foremost half, is superb. The 2070 Strix was just about silent across the board in our testing. Overclocked up to 1815 megacycle, the in-game framerate was higher than the extremely overclocked 1080 Strix, by some margin in our comparison check.

There’s not very much resolution that the 2070 can’t be used for. Even in immoderate settings 4k, it’s playable with most games giving well on top of forty FPS. Obviously, this isn’t what most folks would opt for. So, you'll be able to flip some settings down from immoderate to high, lower the screen scale close to ninetieth and this can seemingly offer you an ideal sixty FPS in most titles.


GIGABYTE GEFORCE RTX 2070 WHITE is our final RTX 2070 card during this roundup, and this one stands in the gang of 2070 cards that touch the market straight away. What’s therefore special concerning it? 

Well, firstly, it turns heads by its look. whereas all alternative similar cards associate with black or some shade of black-grey color, this card is entirely white with matt end tone. Not solely on the front facet, however the backside is additionally lined by a matt-white full black plate too. 

There’s another card with a similar specification offered from G that comes in a normal black color. But we tend to like this white version a lot of because of its easy, clean, and stylish aesthetic attractiveness.

It’s a protracted card with 3 fans discovered, on that the center is meant to spin clockwise and also the rest 2 spin anti-clockwise. RGB junction rectifier lighting during this card is at the G text and also the GeForce RTX stigmatisation is barely visible and makes it a less flashy choice than others.

Of course, it’s got masses a lot of to supply, like a modest works overclock for improved performance over the reference model. the cardboard is boosted from 1620 MHz to 1725 MHz in gambling Mode or 1740 MHz within the ex gratia OC Mode. This can be additionally helped by the inclusion of their triple fan cooler style. It’s virtually as over the highest because the G Aorus card series, however its value reflects that too, therefore no complaints here.

We have faveolate this card against the GTX 1080, and also the performance figures are quite satisfactory. In artificial testing of “3DMark Time Spy”, we tend to get fifty two and fifty eight independent agencies (in graphics one and a couple of respectively) compared with forty one and forty six independent agencies created by GTX 1080. 

In “Unigine Superposition”, this card once more controlled its ground sturdy with forty independent agency average, wherever our GTX 1080 averaged out at thirty independent agency. Coming back to real-world gambling, we've got 2 well-liked titles – Rise of place Raider and DOTA two. And in each case, RTX 2070 outperformed 1080 card honest and sq..


1. Where are graphics cards used?

Graphics cards are used in games and 3D-accelerated applications. Graphics cards can be found in some desktop and laptop PCs. A graphics card can either be a dedicated card that is attached to the motherboard via an expansion slot, or they are embedded into the CPU or onto the system's main circuit board. Systems like mobile phones, workstations, and game consoles will use either a dedicated or embedded card to display graphics.

2. Where is the graphics card located in a computer?

In most cases, your graphics card is a rectangular component between eight to twelve inches long and sticks out perpendicularly from the motherboard about halfway up the height of your PC. Small form factor cases or unorthodox graphics card placement are possible, but rare. If you don't see an obvious graphics card, it's possible your system relies on integrated graphics on your CPU.

3. Can graphics cards slow down a computer ?

A graphics card can slow down your computer depending on what you are doing. Graphics cards can be a major source of slow down when playing games, but have little to no impact on your computer’s performance when browsing the web or running non-3D applications.

4. How do I install a graphics card ?

First remove the graphics drivers of your old graphics card. Then shut down your pc and remove your old graphics card. After removing your old graphics card from your motherboard, you should be able to insert the new graphics card into a PCIe slot on your board, screw it into the case, and then connect the appropriate power cable. Once your computer is up and running, install the latest graphics drivers for your new card by visiting the manufacturer’s website.

5. How do I install graphics card drivers ?

Visiting the card manufacturer’s website is the best way to update your graphics drivers for Nvidia and AMD especially. However, if you don’t have one of those graphics cards or have another manufacturer’s, you can update your drivers by going into your Device Manager, clicking on your Display Adapter, and looking for “Update Drivers.”

6. Will a graphics card reduce or cause lag ?

Graphics cards are one of the most important components for gaming at high resolutions and at high FPS. Upgrading your GPU to something more powerful and with more memory can help reduce slowdown while gaming. But if your “lag” is only a problem in online games, then it’s likely an issue with your internet connection, more than your computer’s performance.

Final Thoughts

The ultimate choice for the best graphics cards under $500  is none other than EVGA GEFORCE RTX 2070 BLACK. Below we will summarize all the models mentioned above so that you will have a better overview of the product that we introduce. From there choose a graphics card that is right for you

And that concludes what we’ve got to say about the best graphics card under 1000 dollar. We hope that this article can help you navigate through the selecting process. Don’t forget to tell us which graphics card is your favorite!

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